The Students

Meet the Students in the Capstone Class!

Kia Photograph

My name is Kia Taylor and I’m a Sophomore Kinesiology Major, Public Health Minor. I love animals, specifically dogs, cats, and horses. I have three dogs and one cat, who is my wild spirit animal! I am hoping to go into the healthcare field, possibly doing research on diseases and bacteria, so I can find new strands of bacteria that may be potentially helpful to humans. I am really excited to be in this lab because I love being hands on with activities and I’m excited to see how we can alter specimens using chemicals and see how they respond to the changes.


Hi. My name is Qiaoyue Kuang. I come from Beijing, China. I am an academic junior (social class sophomore) double majoring in chemistry and environmental science. I hold great passion on sciences, especially on chemistry. I have been worked in Professor Cotten’s biophysical chemistry research lab since 2017 fall, and I thought it would be really helpful to take this class. This class helps me learn systematic knowledge related to our research in lab as well as professional lab techniques. Fun facts about me: I use a 400ml beaker as my water bottle; and, I have an adrenaline molecule tattoo on my right ankle.