Former Students from Hamilton College NY

Class of 2013

Cairns, Leah.  Graduate school, Johns Hopkins.
Chitsike, Lennox.  Graduate school, Loyola University, Chicago.
Lobel, Joseph. Graduate school, University of California San Francisco.
Kraus, Nina. Office of the Connecticut State Treasury.
Shrestha, Akritee. Recipient of a travel stipend from the Biophysical Society to present her poster at the 2012 national meeting. Lab assistant, Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Class of 2012

Burzynski, Caitlin M. Research assistant, National Institutes of Health.
Dao, Alexander E. Medical school, Stony Brook.
Lin, Cui. Employed at GE.
McGavin, Jason A. Medical school, Temple University.
Yelbi, Maximilien. Banking.

Class of 2011

Baxter, Matthew K. Technology director, Brown School of Schenectady, NY.
Berke, Daryl M. Master of Public Health program, Yale University. Law school, Boston University.
Carroll, Courtney M. Graduate school, Weill Cornell Medical College.
Lam, Linda. Laboratory assistant position, Weill Cornell Medical College.
Schneck, Nathan A. Watson Fellow for 2011-2012. AmeriCorps program.
Wieczorek, William E. MD/PhD, Jefferson University

Class of 2010

Smajic, Nedzada (academic year 2009-2010). SUNY Upstate Medical University for a physical assistant degree.

Class of 2009

Deacon, Lile J. Medical school, Drexel University. Employed as a doctor.